Board of Directors (Parish Council)

    To serve on a Community or Parish Council is a ministry and all those who serve are called to represent Christ and the Orthodox Faith to all whom they meet in all aspects of life. The Community Council shall consist of the Priest, as the head of the Parish, and up to 15 elected lay members fixed by the Parish Bylaws or by local statute according to the needs of the Parish. The Community Council is responsible to the Parish Assembly and to the respective Hierarch for conducting all Parish affairs in keeping with the mission, aims and purposes of the Church as set forth in the Charter and these Regulations. The Community Council shall be deemed to mean also Board of Directors (BOD) when such designations are required by local statute. The Priest shall be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

    Board of Directors Meeting Minutes are available for parishioners to read in the Church office. Please schedule an appointment by calling (905) 685-3028 to review them.


    (Missing from the above picture: Ann Droganes, Jodi Kandiotis and Costa Koutroulakis)


    For more information on our Church and Community please contact:

    GCN Admin. office  t: 905-685-3028 or e: 

    Fr. Stavros Chatzis  m: 905-321-2560 or e: 



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