St. Katharine Greek Orthodox Church is the sole Greek Orthodox church congregation for the Region of Niagara. The Greek Community of Niagara (GCN) is the cultural arm of the group and serves to maintain the language and cultural heritage of its members as well as to promote Greek religion and culture to the Niagara Community at large. It offers a variety of programs such as Greek language classes supported by the DSBN, as well as Greek dancing lessons for all ages.

The GCN also hosts a number of community events including the following:

  • Niagara Folk Arts Festival - Greek Open House 
  • Atlas Open Golf Tournament 
  • Niagara Greek Festival
  • Dionysia Wine Event
  • A Taste of Greece (take-Out Food) Event


For more information on our Church and Community please contact:

GCN Admin. office  t: 905-685-3028 or e: [email protected] 

Fr. Stavros Chatzis  m: 905-321-2560 or e: [email protected]