Live Stream

Thank you for visiting our website and for viewing this live stream video of the current Holy Service.

To access our live stream:

  1. Please click on the images/links on or below the  on this page (make sure your mobile device or computer is not on mute). This will take you to our facebook page "St. Katharine Greek Orthodox Church".
  2. During the live Church Service, you will see Happening Now and then click on  directly below. You can also scroll down to Videos and select the most recent or "Live" video (there are past videos that can also be viewed).
  3. Alternatively, try searching the site from Google for St. Katharine Greek Orthodox Church, facebook.
  4. The direct link is:    

If you are having technical difficulties, please consider the following:

  1. Refresh your browser program or try closing and reopening your browser. 
  2. Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer), Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 
  3. To watch the broadcast full-screen, click the  icon at the lower right of the video.
  4. For further assistance with viewing facebook live feeds, please email Lazaros at [email protected] 


Click here for latest live video of HOLY SERVICES at our Church

Κάντε κλικ εδώ για το τελευταίο ζωντανό βίντεο για των ΙΕΡΟΝ ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΩΝ στην Εκκλησία μας


For more information on our Church and Community please contact:

GCN Admin. office  t: 905-685-3028 or e: [email protected] 

Fr. Stavros Chatzis  m: 905-321-2560 or e: [email protected]