Historical Album: "The Greeks of the Niagara Region"

Since its early beginnings in 1964, the Greek Community of Niagara (GCN) has been dedicated to instilling in every Greek a keen awareness of their Hellenic heritage and culture – a legacy which has played a major role in shaping Western Civilization. With this commitment, the GCN provides various facilities, services, programs and events focused on sharing and developing this understanding and experience with other Hellenic Canadians. At the same time, it works to foster an environment in which it enriches and complements the broader Canadian multicultural fabric for future generations.

The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Catharines and District is the sole Greek Orthodox Church congregation for the Niagara Region. It seeks to unite persons of Greek origin in a common goal to celebrate, preserve, promote and perpetuate the religious, social, historic and cultural traditions of the Greek Community of Niagara.

In January 2008, the Greek Community of Niagara (GCN) found itself at a major crossroads. With the passing of many of its older members, we became aware of the growing need to be more proactive in safeguarding and documenting our legacy in the Niagara Region. In response to this, an important initiative was undertaken to celebrate the GCN’s historical and cultural achievements covering the past four decades. The 40th Anniversary Historical Album Project was established in January of 2008 by a small group of volunteers to preserve and commemorate the efforts of individuals, past & present, as well as record landmark highlights for future generations.

No one prior to this has attempted to chronicle the history of Hellenism in the area and to highlight the contributions of individuals who made their mark on Canadian society. Our history and culture is, in essence, part of what constitutes the City of St. Catharines, the Niagara Region, the Province of Ontario, and Canada as a whole.

The 40th Anniversary Historical Album Committee (HAC) has now published its research in this textual and visual retrospective entitled, "The Greeks of the Niagara Region: The Enduring Hellenic Diaspora."

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